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Why helllooooo! My first food post wee!

Getting up early on school mornings after staying up late with my face buried in a cell phone can be one of the hardest things for me some days, and I know I’m not alone is this sleep deprived boat! With getting my hair make up and outfit figured out to worry about, sometimes I barely have time to breath in the morning, but I still always try to make sure I’m eating a breakfast everyday! 

I used to hate breakfast when I was a kid. The thought of eating before 10a.m. made me nauseous just thinking about it! Once I got into middle though and classes started as early as 7:30, I knew that skipping out on this important meal had to stop! I needed energy or else I was going to fall asleep in class!

Eating breakfast is one of the best things you can do for your body. When you sleep, your body starts to slow down and the only way to get your metabolism, brain and body up in running is to give it some calories! 

So if you want to know some of my favorite quick and easy meals that taste good and are good for you, then keep reading!

1.) Yogurt, berries and granola

The perfect combination of yogurt and berries with the added protein of granola

2.) English muffin, nut butter(peanut butter, almond butter ect.) 

Optional: Dried fruit

Great complex carbs and protien with added fiber of dried fruit

3.) Cereal with added fresh fruit

A high fiber cereal can be bland, so sweeten it up with some fresh fruit!

4.) Trail mix

Perfect if breakfast isn’t your thing because you only need a little to finn you up

5.) Oatmeal

It’s not for everyone, but if you do like it, there are so many ways to customize this fiber filled and heart healthy meal

6.) Smoothie

What do you get when you mix nutrient filled fruit with milk, yogurt and other delicious flavors in a blender? The worlds greatest and most portable breakfast!

7.) Energy bars

No excuse for not having one of these if nothing else. All you literally have to do is reach into a box and pull out a protein and fiber filled super food

 8.) Apples or banana with nut butter

Easy, healthy and honestly one of the best things you can put in your body

9.) Eggs

They take a bit longer, but if you have a good 10 minutes, eggs are a great way to get protein and energy to fule your day

10.) Frozen egg muffin sandwiches

I’ll admit, they’re not the best for you, but they do have a lot of good things in them as well like fiber, protein(how many times have I said those two words?) and heartiness to keep you full, and they’re really quick as well. 

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed!


So I know Spring’s kinda far away, don’t judge me for wanting to jump(or should I say SPRING!) into the warmer, brighter and sunnier weather. I just am so done with getting up, going over to my closet and looking at a rack of beautiful tank tops and open back tee’s and dresses just to have to pull out a thick sweater and heavy jeans so I don’t freeze to death in the 10 degree New England weather. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love being comfy and cozy in my sweaters and jeans, but there was a time for that. A time that ended when March began, yet is somehow still wanting to hang around. I know Spring doesn’t start for a while, but just for once can’t Spring come early like Fall seems to do every year? 

Okay. mini rant over. Now lets talk about clothes! If you are planning on doing your shopping a little early like me, or just live in some place where it’s already warm(can I be you?) and are a little lost and need some fashion guidance, then keep reading for some tips on what to buy to stay on trend and on budget for the lovely months to come!

1.) High Waist-ed Shorts 

Oh no, this trend is nowhere near done yet! It was huge last year, and it continues to stay a favorite on runways, celebs, and now you! Bonus: If you still have some pairs that fit from last year, you can totally re-wear them without looking last-season! If you want to add a fresh look to them though, try buying some daring flowy pairs! They come in all sorts of styles and tend to be cheaper then the normal jean type. 

2.) Neon

It’s been a classic to break out the girly pastels in Spring for years, but not this year! Instead of making yourself look like a flower princess in baby pink, opt for a cool rocker-glam neon pink! It’s totally on trend and as long as you remember balance(meaning I DO NOT advise every article of clothing you wear to be glowing) then there is no way you can’t look awesome!

3.) Structured Jackets

I know I know jackets are for cold, but in those transition months(yes I call March and April transition months) you’re gonna want a little something to throw on when it gets a bit chilly. These type of strong, fitted and fierce pieces really show off a cool edgy side, and belong in everyone’s, I mean EVERYONE’S wardrobe.  

4.) Crop Tops

Do I even need to explain why these are an essential when the sun is shining? Do I even?

5.) A Small Bag

Why you ask? No one wants to be carrying a heavy bag around all day, so for Spring, try a cute small one that either goes cross-body or as longer straps. They are much more inexpensive then regular size ones, and you’d be surprised how much they fit! 

6.) Longer Skirts

Mmmhmm. You read that right. The time for skirts that were smaller then the belts that held them up is over! I’m not talking ankle length, but during New York Fashion Week, TONS of designers sent their models down the runway with longer, feminine skirts. Trust me, no one will think you look grandma in a Chanel inspired that hits right above the knees. No one. 

7.) High Neck

Longer skirts? Higher necks? What are this?! Don’t worry, the world is not coming to an end. Especially not when you balance a high neck with a belly-showing hem. Your basically just pulling your shirt, up. 

8.) Texture

This is my favorite trend. I love seeing the classic ruffles, lace and jewels, but it’s getting even more crazy with 3D polka dots and cool embellishments popping up everywhere from high fashion runways to right outside your door! The perfect compliment to a pair of denim shorts. 

9.) Looser…everything!

Big coats, big skirts, over sized shirts and more! You may think they’ll make you look boxy or bulky, but I assure you, once you find the right fit, you’ll be in love!

10.) Floral

I didn’t want to add this one because I didn’t want to contradict myself and what I said about neon being the trend, but I didn’t want you all to leave and not grab up on some girly pieces too! It is Spring after all! Whats Spring without a some flowers? 

These are the pictures I failed to upload in my last post😂

Hellooooo! I thought you guys might enjoy a little looksie at my go to everyday makeup! It’s super simple because who want’s to spend 30 minutes on their makeup when they could be outside enjoying the fresh spring air, I know I wouldn’t. So I hope you enjoy and let me know if you guys wanna see more Spring themed makeup because trust me, I have a lot to share! 

                                              Let’s Begin!

Step 1: Moisturize skin. I used the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + because it locks in moisture all day and keeps my face protected.

Step 2: Apply any primer or pore-filler of your choice. This will really enhance your face and give you a perfect completion without weighting you down like a traditional foundation would. I used L’oreal Miracle Blur. 

Step 3: Apply a liquid concealer underneath the eyes and on any other places where you may need extra coverage. Blend with either your fingers or a flat-top foundation brush. I used Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. 

Step 4: Set your concealer with a pressed powder so it doesn’t go slipping down your face all day! I used L’oreal True Match Pressed Powder.

Step 5: Prime you lids with either a eye shadow primer or a creme shadow in a nude color. 

Step 6: Using the Naked 3 Pallet, take shade Limit or any other matte light taupe-y purple-y shade, and buff that into your crease with a fluffy brush.

Step 7: Take shade Burnout (also from Naked 3) or any other slightly shimmery light tan-ish pink and place that with a lid brush onto the other 3/4ths of your lid. No need to be precise with the though! If you go in a little further or a little less, don’t worry, I won’t make a difference.

Step 8: Take shade Dust or any other light pink with glitter and place that onto your inner lid for a pretty highlight to make your eyes pop. 

Step 9: Apply as many coats of your favorite mascara as you want! I used Covergirl Lash Blast and YSL Baby doll.

Step 10: Apply a bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, not giving a harsh contour, but more of a sun kissed bronzey glow. I used the bronzer from the Naked Basics palette. 

Step 11: Use a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, sweeping the brush up slightly as well to give yourself a natural flush. I used Benefit Rockateur. 

Step 12: Finish with a light pink lipstick(I used MAC Creme Cup) and you’re done! 

I hope you enjoy this look and don’t forget to check out some of my other posts on makeup, fashion, hair, fitness, food and much more! 

Kisses! -A

Vogue’s editorial piece entitled, SPORT PSYCHOLOGY embodies the sporty and “tomboy” side of high-fashion while still keeping to it’s glamorous and alluring roots, as it does in many, if not all, of it’s issues.

The very first look, finding it’s place on the cover of the spread, is a Prada “pop mash-up” including a pairing of a silk fire red, plunging neckline dress decked with blue crystals hovering around the sew-lines and cuts of the dress. It is over a much simpler emerald sweater-vest with a black and white striped band. I personally think this look is a sight to see, considering that just last year, the revealing dress would have been about 4 inches shorter and wouldn’t have had the modesty of a sweater vest underneath, a sweater vest! Prada, of course known for it’s bright pops of neon color, paired the red beautifully with emerald which of course wrapped into the blue crystals, and the black and white around the edges of the vest give the eyes somewhere to rest. The strong structure of the look and, can we not forget, the ankle socks and thick strappy sandals, give this ensemble the perfect matching of all the latest trends in a bright and fresh way.

The trend of high neck and neon color continue onto the second look, which includes another one of my favorite things, just shown a bit differently than I would have expected. Celine’s Phoebe Philo has given us all the element of surprise as she debuts a chemise, wide sleeved mini. What’s the wow factor? A below the knee pleated skirt. The pairing is an unusual take on the classic peplum look that gives it the perfect wild and playful look. I would say that the electric blue and red structure to white, black and green sheere is a distraction, but it’s the red spots of the same size on each piece that really unite these pieces together and tie together the look.

When I first saw look #3, I initially thought, “oh, cool, mixed patterns”, and then after seeing it all of last season, the season before and oh yes, the season before, I moved on. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I was just used to it. But oh contraire, Vogue tricked me. Yes the pattern and the materials are different, however, if you look at the squares printed on the pants in blue and red, you will see that it also shows up again, just this time in small cutouts all over the orange pullover. Again, this small detail is really the reason this outfit, just works.

Oh hey, ankle socks. Nice to see you again. Yes, the socks are fun, but I’d be lying if I told you that that was the first thing I noticed, actually, I had to see the look twice before I noticed. Why? Well, take one look at this piece and you’ll understand.  A seven-eights oversized coat in the recurring color, ocean blue. I’m a sucker for a good structured coat, and pairing this with a big, blue tote, of different color? And uhh, blue shoes? Why does this work?! Well, it has something to do with the coral a-line peeping out of the slightly unzipped jacket, Just that one peep of neon color gives this such an interesting focus point that draws the eyes away from the mixing load of blue and just lets them see this as a well put-together outlay.

Taking a break from the solid blues and reds, Vogue plays with a Ralph Lauren princess coat in an undeniably fun pastel green. Yes, the coat is beautiful, but I think with any other underwearing, I would have felt that it was a bit childish, but the Marni metal-embellished skirt just makes it look so much more mature without clashing. To me, it looks as if it’s a rushing river flowing through a field of greens. The ultimate Spring picture.

Aaaaannnnndddd we jerk to a completely new direction with this old-school classic sporty-meets-glam. Out of all the looks, this is my least favorite. Not because I don’t like it, I just think that this doesn’t follow along with the rest of the simplicity of the spread. I love the vest, which we saw in the first look, paired with a sparkly tank. And I like the sparkly tank with the  high-waisted linen skirt. But the vest and tank with the skirt? Eh. I wish I could like this more, considering it is a good ensemble, but after seeing the past designs, I suppose I was hoping for something I could compare with those. I hope I see Vogue bring a similar look to this in an upcoming issue, just in a collection where it fits more.

So we only see the top of the seventh outfit, but I can imagine in my head what it might look like. The normally winter colors are brought into a Spring look, but the crop top assures that it is in fact meant for warm weather. It all just feels so modern and now, and a look like this can easily be pulled and turned into a everyday, wearable apparel. Also, since it’s demanding attention on the page, I have to mention the two chunky costume bracelets wrapped around a pale white wrist. Costume jewelry has made it’s way on and off the runway since…well, the first runways. Some love it, some hate it but it’s not going anywhere. That said, I think that it’s a great compliment to the top.

Oh how I love stripes! This outfit is purely athletic, everything from the Balmain pinstriped sweater and the Tisci crepe-de-Chine pleated trousers. The shoes and the bag however bring in a bit of femininity, and I like the contrast between the red pleat and  maroon purse. Although I was trying to stay away from commenting on makeup, but how can I not notice those brows! I know bold brows have been a trend for a while, but how they look now is how they are worn best. Bold and attention grabbing. If you couldn’t already tell, this is one of the only designs without neon eyeliner stealing the show, which was a good choice. The way they look on this model and the way they complement the design and style of this look is stunning.

Ahh the last look. Though I find nothing particularly impeccable about this look compared to the others, I do believe that this has a certain wow factor. The Americanness of(I know it’s red, white and black but it gives off the same patriotic feeling) it is fun and the rippled color blocking is an interesting combo with the rhinestones. It doesn’t feel like it’s too much, mostly because of the simple bottom half, with a straight cut and only one red patch to add some more interest. It’s definitely something to look at, and I think it’s a great end to a fabulous collection of looks.

As a whole, I think that Vogue, once again, has found ways to bring simplicity and elegance to even collections that they call sporty and athletic. It’s that, staying true to your style roots, that really showcases that you don’t have to be a particularly brazen person to pull of some of these styles. Anyone can incorporate a-line and trousers in place of flowy and skinny jeans. So whether you like these looks or not, I think we can all agree that they were well designed and show that women don’t need pearls and dresses to feel feminine.

So tell me, how do you like Vogues, SPORT PSYCHOLOGY?

Sometimes I think that I am dreaming when I watch commercials because I think they cant possibly be that stupid…

 …they are.



You can’t have my heart and you won’t use my mind but do what you want with my body

Lady Gaga

"Do What You Want"

I can’t honestly be the only one who is obsessed with these lyrics

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